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T H E  M E L L O W S

The mellows are designed to help beginner riders get comfortable with the fundamentals of a skatepark. This includes actions like dropping in, going up a ramp, bunnyhops etc. Although they were originally made more specifically for beginners, these ramps are an absolute blast for anyone at any level of riding and can help you bridge the gap of learning new tricks. The ramps are approximately 3ft high and are quite 'mellow' to eliminate the fear of a steep quarter pipe. The mellows are also our main stage in competitions for 7 & under riders.

Ramp 3.png

M A I N  C O U R S E

In a combination of all the other exciting ramps and obstacles at Volo Park, we bring you the Main Course. This section has a huge variety of uses including national competitions, world firsts, general progression and much more. With the endless amounts of features such as the 5ft quarter pipe with an additional sub-box, the spox, multiple step-ups and more, this section is progression central. We have built what just might be the biggest indoor box jump in Australia to push the limits of Action-Sports

Ramp 2.png

S T R E E T  S E C T I O N

Our street section has a variety of obstacles including a rail, stairset, banks and more!

This is an ever growing section that we continue to add to and change up as often as we can!

This section links right up to our mellow ramps creating an awesome flow around the skatepark for unique

gaps and lines to be found!

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