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Your safety is most important to us right next to having FUN! So let's make sure you're all able to enjoy your time safely.

Skatepark Etiquette:

Skatepark etiquette is a necessary aspect of enjoying your time at Volo Park, as is your safety.  

1. Wear your HELMET!

It is compulsory to wear your helmet at ALL times when using the skatepark at Volo Park. We highly recommend wearing not only your helmet at all times but also other protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, braces, mouth guards, gloves etc. Should you have any queries in regards to safety gear, please do not hesitate to question our staff or call us as we have a huge variety of the best safety gear on the market at the V2 Store located within Volo Park.

2. Stop, look, listen, think!

Most people are familiar with this term when crossing a road but little do you know this can also apply to the skatepark!

Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most important elements to riding at a skatepark and can prevent any unwanted collisions and/or injuries. Ensure each time before you take your turn that it is safe to go and the ramp-way is clear.

3. Volo Park is NOT a PLAYGROUND!

Whilst it may be as fun as a playground, Volo Park is a skatepark and is only to be used with your equipment of choice (scooter, BMX, skateboard etc). You must be riding your equipment of choice at all times when on the skatepark and ensure when it is not in usage that it is not left on the park as this could cause unwanted hazards and congestion.

4. Everybody has the same right to use the skatepark!

Whether you are riding a skateboard or scooter, whether you're 5 or 50 years old, every patron has the same right to use the skatepark in a safe and sharing manner. Riders must ensure they are taking turns and allowing enough time and clearway between turns.

​5. Hanging your equipment over the lip of a ramp is a big NO-NO and could cause serious injury!

While we understand everyone is eager to drop in and land that next banger, to ensure the safety of all the skatepark users, you must keep clear of the edge of any ramps in the facility. This includes not hanging your skateboard, scooter, BMX or any other equipment over the edge of the ramps when you are not using them.


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