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B M X  C O A C H I N G

From beginner to advanced, 1-on-1 to group coaching, we have it all! 

Our goal at Volo Park is to maximise your progression and fun at our skatepark as much as possible. We focus on not only your riding progression but also your mindset and outlook on how to learn new tricks, ride new obstacles and most importantly, do it all while still having fun! Our lessons are suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced riders of any age.


We understand everyone learns at a different pace, for that reason we offer a variety of different programs. Whether you like to learn with your friends or prefer to be coached in a 1-on-1 private lesson, we are happy to work around what you are most comfortable with. For more coaching outside of Volo Park, you can also visit Volo Coaching!


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1 - O N - 1  C O A C H I N G

Our 1-on-1 private coaching sessions are for those looking that either enjoy learning by themselves instead of in groups or are serious about progressing their riding and mindset. We understand that sometimes being in groups can be overwhelming and we want you to feel the most comfortable you can.

1-on-1 sessions allow our professional coaches to focus purely on one rider at a time which can help maximise the learning process. At the beginning of each session, we will establish what your riding goals to help us get the best understanding of how we can prioritise your progression.


Our 1-on-1 sessions can be booked in increments of 1 hour at a time with a maximum of 3 hours. 

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