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Volo Park is an indoor skatepark facility located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The business was founded in 2021 by professional action sports athlete Matty Ceravolo. 

Our facility is created for all action sports, riders of any age and riding abilities. With our huge variety of ramps and obstacles, Volo Park is the home of progression, learning and most importantly, FUN!

We designed our skatepark in such a way that it caters for all riding levels. From our ' Mellow's Section' to our, HUGE Box' or 'Comp Section', we have ramps that are suitable for beginner to advanced riders. Whether it is your first time setting foot on a skatepark, or you've had 10 years of experience, Volo Park is the place for you to have fun with your friends and further progress your skatepark skills.


At Volo Park, it is our mission to uphold a friendly, respectful environment where action-sports enthusiast, parents and spectators can feel at home. We want to inspire and propel riders to the best of their abilities while providing a safe facility where friends and family can have fun and celebrate the good times.


As a rider owned and operated business, we are always looking to continue progressing action-sports with a variety of events, ride-days, competitions, programs and more. Our goal is to have riders more involved in the industry more than even and offer a platform where they can be so.

During the build of the skatepark, we maintained an open perspective of ensuring that the Volo Park experience would cater to anyone who steps foot through the door. Whether your goal is progression,  fun, or simply passion, Volo Park is the place for you. 

our mission


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